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Charles R. Gugliuzza, MBA
Charles (Chuck) Gugliuzza received his Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Chuck is currently a partner of SCG and Company.

During the last seven years, Chuck has been associated with the accounting firm of Gugliuzza, Yang & Co. During his career, Chuck has gained experience in bookkeeping, account reconciliation, and payroll processing. His current responsibilities include supervising and performing these duties for clients. In addition he is responsible for providing bookkeeping and consulting services and ensuring client expectations are met.

Chuck contributes strong analytical and computer skills to the consulting process. Chuck's strengths include his overall familiarity with the needs and concerns of business owners and managers, his understanding of operational issues affecting business of all sizes, and internal control exosures of small business. The combination of these skills enables him to offer helpful and meaningful sggestions to enhance the operation of a business. © 2006 | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use