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Service Packs for Simply Accounting.
We will service all of your accounting needs, as well as any other projects related to this area, for a monthly flat fee.
Our Accounting service includes the following:
• Monthly Financial Statements.
• Preparation of an annual report and tax return (1120)
• All other tax matters and acounting issues pertaining to the normal course of business.
• Investment Consultation.
• Emergency office hours over and beyond the scheduled timeframe.
• Any necessary work outside the office relating to proposed projects and related issues. 
• Unlimited telephone calls and 24-hour access to pager to discuss any issue pertaining to this position.
As always, we want to do what is in the best interest of your company.

Payroll Services
Preparation of monthly payroll including bank account control, funds request, funds transfer to each employee’s bank account, payment of social insurance premium, withholding tax and local inhabitants tax instead of the company

Annual Services
1) Year-end book closing service
2) Preparation of the annual financial statements for Japanese corporate tax purpose